VER-6500 Printer w/Rocker Switch

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Replacement for TM-U950, P540, RP310 and TM-T88 Printers

  • One printer fits all applications, easily configured by modifying two jumper positions.
  • Spill-Shield™ designed to prevent liquid spills from entering internal mechanism.
  • Upgrade available for existing VER-3200 printers. Use your existing printer when upgrading POS.
  • Thermal printers have less moving parts than other printers.
  • Use existing Verifone™ cables and adapters.
  • Five times faster and quieter than the TM-U950 printer.
  • Large capacity 4” Diameter (425 Foot) drop in paper loading.
  • Stores journal electronically for daily or monthly printing (Holds 32mb of info or approximately 80, 425 ft. rolls).
  • Small size and front printing receipt make printer ideal for under counter location.
  • External Dimensions: 5 7/8"W x 8 1/4"D x 5 7/8"H Weight: 4.85 pounds



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