OPW | 71SO-410CT | Testable Vapor-Tight Overfill Valve | 10'

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Due to the nature of how drop tubes must be shipped, the shipping variable is inconsistent based on several factors. Please call to order drop tubes to get the most accurate pricing that includes the freight charges. 800-515-2580

OPW's new 71SO-T Testable Overfill Prevention Valve is designed to prevent the overfill of underground storage tanks by providing a positive shut-off of product delivery.  The shut-off valve is an integral part of the drop tube used for gravity filling.  The OPW 71SO-T allows easy installation (without breaking concrete) and requires no special manholes.

What's different about the 71SO-T?  OPW's 71SO-T Overfill Prevention Valve is the only UST Overfill Prevention Valve that is testable from the surface....without removal from the tank, which allows operators to test in 60 seconds vs. 60 minutes per tank.

The 71SO-T is the easiest, quickest, most cost efficient way to ensure that your overfill valves will operate when called upon, verifiable without removing them from the tanks.

Testing and Verification can be done in 3 easy steps:

  • Loosen the test plug
  • Lift the float with the cable to simulate fill
  • Validate the proper poppet operation


10' Bury, 10' Tank

Upper Tube Length: 120"

Lower Tube Length: 102"

Overall Length: 234-3/4"

Max Riser Length: 113-1/2"

Max Nominal Tank Diameter: 120"

Max Actual Tank Diameter: 126"


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